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Website Building

We lead your online business to success by not only designing but also building marketing-based website. We have strengths in planning and implementing marketing strategies. We propose strategic plans for improving brand image and increasing inquiries.

We propose the best solutions to achieve goals.

  •   Enhance brand power through website.
  •   Establish mid- to long-term web marketing strategies.
  •   Highlight services and products to users through website.
  •   Introduce renewal system like CMS (Content Management System) for smoother operations.

Building Flow

Step 01
Examining clients’ market position, current situation, issues and etc., we conduct an interview with clients to set strategic direction and goal by using website. Then we decide the direction of our suggestions.
Step 02
With multiple viewpoints of the competitors or the industry based on the interview, we make proposal to achieve the goal of clients.
Step 03
Design and Building
We consider information architecture, visual design, web content management, and etc. into a specific design. We build website to meet users’ needs by balancing proper information architecture and high-quality design.
Step 04
Operation, Evaluation, and Verification
After opening website, we operate it, update the contents, and support totally to increase sales like connecting to social media. Also, we operate and verify promotion, performance and etc. of website by access analytics.