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Privacy Policy

Best Effort Marketing Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information protection, and is committed to observing the following “privacy policy”.

1. Development and Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program
Our executives and employees recognize the importance of personal information protection, develop compliance program, and also conduct, maintain, and improve it continuously.

2. Collection, Usage and Provision of Personal Information
For collection, usage and provision of personal information according to our business contents and actual conditions, we handle it properly based on our in-house regulations.

3.Conduction of Safety Measures
In order to prevent any trouble of personal information, we regulate and conduct safety measures and prevent improper access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information.

4. Respect for Rights
We respect personal rights regarding personal information, and if disclosure, modification, or deletion of personal information is requested, we deal with it properly referring to social practice and convention.

5. Compliance with laws and codes
We shall comply with laws and other codes. Regarding handling of personal information, we comply with laws including Personal Information Protection Law and other codes, and take actions to meet in-house regulations at the same time. Also, we educate and enlighten employed workers including executives.

6. Response for Customer Inquiries and Complaints
We respond to customers’ inquires and complaints properly, faithfully and rapidly regarding personal information. We accept request for disclosure, modification, deletion and suspension of personal information from the person himself and deal with it reasonably.

About Cookies
Cookies are small text files stored temporarily on users’ computers by websites through browsers.

By using Cookies, frequency or the last date of users’ visit to website is recorded and users’ web experience can be more beneficial.

Cookies are standard industry-wide, and many websites use them for the purpose of providing useful functions to users.

Using Cookies, users’ computers can be identified, but it doesn’t mean that identification of users themselves is specified.

We may use Cookies for the following reasons.
 ・Counting the number of users to visit website
 ・Provision of customized services to each user

Update Notification of Privacy Policy
We may change this privacy policy without advance notice.

We’re afraid we are not able to report it to you every time, so please refer to the latest content on our website.

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