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Marketing Outsourcing

Marketing Outsourcing Marketing Outsourcing for Foreign Companies

We provide marketing outsourcing services to foreign companies in Japan. English available and based on practical business.

65 companies (including domestic customers) supported by our services
Major overseas HR cloud vendor (US)
Major overseas telecommunications manufacturer (US)
Major electrical equipment manufacturer (JPN)
Major consumer goods manufacturer (JPN)
Advertising and PR company (JPN)
HR event planning company (JPN)
General incorporated association (JPN)
Affiliate of major media company (JPN)
Chemical manufacturer of financial conglomerate group (JPN)
Affiliate of major overseas media company (UK)
and many others.
There are many measures one can take to increase sales of overseas products/services in the Japanese market
Based on our experience of supporting many foreign companies, the following is the problems that plague newly established Japanese subsidiaries.
communicate with overseas headquarters
Difficulty in securing marketing personnel who can speak English as regular employees.
It’s difficult to find experienced marketing specialists within a limited budget, and even more limited when English is available
responding to diverse areas of marketing
Difficulty in securing human resources capable of responding to diverse areas of marketing
It’s difficult to secure human resources capable of handling diverse areas of marketing (digital marketing, lead generation/lead nurturing, event planning/management, content marketing, public relations/PR)
communicate with overseas headquarters

Difficulty in securing personnel who can communicate with overseas headquarters

Marketing-Related communication with overseas headquarters (budgeting, regular reporting, attendance during a visit to Japan, etc.)
Foreign companies in Japan are required to formulate marketing strategies suitable for the Japanese market based on the strategies at their overseas headquarters, and to take measures in all the areas of marketing to increase sales. However, it is difficult to secure human resources capable of responding to such needs. As Japanese companies place importance on sales activities, we often hear that Western companies that place importance on marketing activities have difficulty communicating with their overseas headquarters.

We recommend our services to companies like these.

Want someone with a lot of marketing experience who can speak English.
Is there anyone who can fill the gap until we hire a marketing person?
Want to achieve results by minimizing personnel costs for marketing.
Want to hire temporary marketing people on a project basis.
Want someone to act for the reporting meeting with the marketing manager of the overseas head office.
Want people who can handle all the marketing areas.


Our experienced marketing professionals support your company as a team at less cost than hiring full-time marketing personnel.
We also have people who can produce creative products such as promotional materials and websites within the company, and we can handle all kinds of products.

Marketing Strategy Planning Support


Marketing Strategy Planning Support
Help you develop marketing strategies based on our in-depth knowledge, experience, and track record about the marketing area: second opinions, ideas from a third party perspective and feedback.

Customer List Acquisition


Customer List Acquisition
Customer List Acquisition
implement measures to acquire potential customers (lead) that will become assets of business management. Help create “Customer List” to drive sales and maintain daily updates.

Lead Nurturing


Lead Nurturing Policy Support
Support for lead nurturing to make a list of customers into a list for sales. Support for planning, introduction, and implementation of nurturing measures by MA (marketing automation), and segmentation of the list after execution by customer characteristics and effects measurements.



Brand Power Improving
Products/services branding, strengthening brand power. Branding support to make sales and marketing activities more efficient and effective.

Web Marketing


Web Marketing
Implement website SEO measures to gain access to the website and increase the number of inquiries by ranking the target search keywords high. Listing ad operations, remarketing ad operations, Facebook, Instagram ad operations, and content marketing support.

Agency Policy


Agency Policy
Support for introducing agency system. Develop strategies to build sales channels through the agency system. Establish a follow-up system for agents.

Sales Tools


Sales Tools
Creation Support
Support the creation of tools (pamphlets, company brochures, PowerPoint presentations, DMs, flyers, promotional videos, etc.) that form the basis for sales and marketing activities.

Strengths of Best Effort Marketing

Support System
Reliable Support System
Reassuring support system by the members who have worked at the Japanese subsidiaries and who have successively served the representatives in Japan
Marketing Tools
Leverage Marketing Tools
We can leverage marketing tools such as CRMM/SFA (Salesforce, etc.), MA (marketing automation)
All Areas
Available for All Areas
We can handle a wide variety of marketing areas (marketing communications, branding, field marketing, agency policies, etc.)

Case Study

Substantial increase in the number of inquiries and orders received
Efficiency has improved by clarifying role divisions between the sales team and the marketing team. Also, the number of inquiries and the rate of orders received has improved significantly. By actively participating in exhibitions, events, and forums, we have considerably increased recognition within the industry. Besides, by regularly reporting the marketing activities of the Japanese subsidiary to the U.S. headquarters, they evaluated the operations, and the marketing budget increased by 50% compared with the previous fiscal year.
As a marketing manager (regular employee) left the company, it was necessary to hire a marketing staff who can speak English. They used our services as a stopgap until they hire a regular employee. Our CEO took over as a marketing manager.
Implementation measures ・・・ Marketing outsourcing
1 Lead generation – Inquiries acquisition and management
2 Outsourcing – Support for holding events, forum exhibitions, PR (ad articles and press releases)
3 Reporting – Active reporting to US Headquarters
4 Development of sales tools – Materials preparation, document translation, video production, etc.
Voice of the Customer
BEM helped us create an environment in which the sales team can concentrate on sales, and we feel the high cost-effectiveness of the service because the number of inquiries increased due to appropriate marketing activities. We want to continue using this service.
Major Human Resources Cloud Vendors in the U.S.
230.56% Increase in Inquiries
230.56% increase in inquiries
180% increase in website visitors
Project Objectives
Increase queries from the contact form.
Implementation Measures
1 Optimize flow to contact form
2 Increase PV
3 SEO measures (internal/external)
4 Website content writing
5 Web site maintenance and management
Number of inquiries / change graph
Human Resources PR Company
Quintupled Website Page View
The number of inquiries doubled, and the website page views increased approximately fivefold.
Project Objectives
Increase PV on owned media. Increase inquiries.
Implementation Measures
1 Owned media production and operation
2 SEO measures (internal/external)
3. Listings/social media ad placement/operation
4 Product LP (landing page) production and operation
5 Website content writing
Human Resources PR Company
2.9% CVR Achieved
From the list of 4,100,
gained 119 Download (CVR of 2.9%)
Project Objectives
Increase white papers downloads
by email campaigns
Implementation Measures
1) Utilize website columns for email campaigns
2. White paper production
3 Formulate download application flow
Trend graph of white paper downloads
Human Resources Event Planning Company
Seminar Application Rate Reached Approximately 120%
From the existing list of 5,000 people, 59 registered and 48 participated in a seminar with a capacity of 50 people.
Project Objectives
Secure 50 seminar participants (full capacity)
Implementation Measures
1) Preparation of seminar invitation
2) Mail campaign by MA (marketing automation)
3) Event support
Major media company

Service Charge

Monthly Basic Service Charge 300,000 yen (tax excluded) ~
Contract form: Outsourcing     
Contract period: Renewal every six months
*Transportation, travel and communication expenses (charges for mobile phone calls) are actual expenses.
*This is the basic charge. Hearing your requests, we will submit the official quotation after consulting separately.
*If professional services are in need during the actual work, your partners or ours will be used, and it costs actual expenses.
Compared to hiring a marketing person as a full-time employee
Average annual income (JPY) 25~29 years old
30~34 years old
35~39 years old
The highest amount (JPY) 25~29 years old
30~34 years old
35~39 years old
  25~29 years old 30~34 years old 35~39 years old
Average annual income (JPY) 4,160,000 5,110,000 6,000,000
The highest amount (JPY) 7,890,000 11,500,000 13,500,000
Best Effort MarketingOur Services
Best Effort MarketingOur Services
3,600,000 ※2
※Average annual income by job category in 2010-2011, investigated by DODA (career change site)
Calculated by the following. 300,000 yen (basic monthly cost) × 12 months = 3,600,000 yen/year.
Transportation expenses are actual expenses. The basic monthly charge varies depending on the amount of work performed. There are expenses other than annual charge (workspaces, communications, corporate social insurance, and other expenses). Please contact us for details.

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