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Web Marketing

Planning media mix strategies to attract customers connecting social media. We aim to increase access to website and inquiries by Search Engine Optimization and high-rank visualization in search engine results for specific words.

Social Media Marketing

We deal with Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube, and other various SNSs, and attract customers by media mix connecting each of media. Our specialists support your company to increase the number of hits, conduct promotion to gain and maintain your fans, and also plan and operate promotion of social media according to clients’ marketing strategies or issues.

SEO Measures

We conduct on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization, and make your website have a high page rank in the search results. From selecting main keywords and sub keywords for SEO to placing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, we support your higher page rank by targeted keywords measuring the performance.

Access Analytics

Using analytics tool like Google Analytics, we analyze your own website, effects of advertisement, and competitors’ websites.

Step 01
Basic Website Analytics
Basic information like number of users to visit or the time they stay on your website.
Step 02
User Properties Analytics
Attribute information of users visiting your website