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About us

Company Overview

Trade Name Besteffortmarketing Co.,Ltd.  
Establishment November, 2009  
CEO Yushu Kanemrua  
Location Tokyo head office:
2nd floor, Kato Building, 8 Chome-18-3 Ginza, Chūō, Tokyo 104-0061
US branch office:
219 Changebridge Road Montville, NJ 07045 USA
TEL 03-5792-1405  
Number of employees 19(As of February 1, 2019  
Business Record Chiikishinbunsha Co.,Ltd., Fiberlabs Inc., Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), AJIS Research & Consulting Co.,Ltd., The Shopper Inc., NAKAI ENGINEERING Corporation, overseas automobile-related companies, American content delivery company, electronics sales company, SNS operating company, recycled plastic manufacturing and sales company, hosting company, American HR cloud vendor, carbon materials manufacturer, and many others.  
Our Banks MUFJ Bank, SBI Sumishin Net Bank,Chiba Bank  
Corporate Lawyer Hiroaki Otowa (Liber Law Offices)  
Corporate Tax Accountant Offices TokyoZeikeiCenter Co., Ltd.  

CEO Profile

Best Effort Marketing Co., Ltd.
CEO Yushu Kanemura

Master of Biological Science and Technology Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan

After graduating the graduate school, he launched a trading company in the US, and moved his base to Korea. At a local Korean company (chemical products maker), he engaged in international sales and marketing. As a manager of joint project between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese companies, he introduced many products to Japanese market.

After coming back to Japan in November 2004, he engaged in marketing at a French company (resin maker).
In December 2007, he launched a Japanese company for an Asian mobile contents company, and made it profitable in 3 months. After getting its business on track, he stepped aside for the successor.

After that, he engaged in marketing, domestic and international sales at an American company (contents provider) and an Asian company (contents provider). He did logistical support for video service of mainly large companies.

He assumed office as CEO of Best Effort Marketing Co., Ltd. on April, 2011.

With the keyword “develop business based on web”, he proposes efficient methods of marketing, business, and etc. to reduce operating costs and increase sales. His company has achievement of supporting sales and marketing for more than 200 companies like American global companies, listed companies, small and medium sized enterprises, startup companies, and others (as of August, 2016).



We have a principle, “get results with limited resources (employee, stuff, money, time, and information) by using every “Marketing” method, and leverage it with “Besteffort”. Learning from the results and experiences, achieve higher-level results at the next step. “The company name “Best Effort Marketing” represents our thoughts not to forget our principle and to be conscious of this when we take actions.

Now that the world is full of stuff, and it’s harder to sell things. It’s essential to generate sales more strategically from the aspect of marketing. It includes planning or branding of products and services, market research and analysis, advertisement and public relations, sales promotion, customer information management, and etc. Also, we believe we can build a robust business foundation, which is less susceptible to external economic situations, by “achieving high profitability ratios by reducing operating costs to the minimum and generating the maximum sales”. In that sense, we realize improvement of operating efficiencies and sales increase with the motto of “high-quality results”, “at reasonable cost” and “to the necessary extent”.

Since established in November 2009, every time we hear words of appreciation from clients, we realize that we can contribute to clients by making profits and developing as an individual as well.

We shall meet client’s expectation by all means. In order for that, our employees all always devote their energy into development of clients’ business, with ambition and efforts to develop ourselves , and contribute to clients.

Best Effort Marketing Co., Ltd.
CEO Yushu Kanemura